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Moving Tips The prospect of moving can make anybody jittery as this involves a lot of decision making.

moving-tipsThe prospect of moving can make anybody jittery as this involves a lot of decision making. You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because you suddenly remembered something that you need to do. So, getting the right mover is like half the battle won. This lets you to focus your attention on other aspects of relocation, saving you precious time and energy. This is irrespective of whether you are having a local move or going abroad. Below are some useful tips to help you stay in control and make the most of such situations.
Summer is considered as the most preferred time for relocation. To make the most of your move, plan your move during a lean season or when the demand for moving services is not so high. You never know you may get a deal that you have never thought possible.

If you have school going children, you may want to plan your move during their school break. Also, try to keep them in the loop as much as possible. This would make the move easier for them.

If it is a company relocation, check with your company regarding the part of your moving expenses which would be covered by them.

Plan your moving day at least six weeks in advance. This would allow your agent time to visit your home and prepare an estimate based on the actual survey. Make sure that they give you a written estimate.

We never realize how much we pile up over the years! Keeping a checklist handy is the best way to take stock of things that need to be moved. The rest can disposed of through online auctions or garage sales.

Help your agent to give you a reasonable quote by keeping him updated about the things that you might have added or subtracted later at the last minute.
The rule of our land demands that we get rid of all inflammables or hazardous items from your house prior to leaving it temporarily or permanently. You may also want to set a date for getting your utilities disconnected and label any open wiring with masking tape. Doing your own packing? Keep stocks of packing supplies, masking tapes and other important items before the moving day. Be prepared to do some legwork to source them at a cheaper rate.

Wrap your fragile items in linen before placing them in boxes and labelling them as “FRAGILE.” You may also want to mark those items you want to be delivered first. And don’t forget to inform your packers about such items.

Secure all the drawers, cabinet doors and boxes with masking tape. You don’t want items to spill out!

Most importantly, always check with Better Business Bureau before zeroing on any moving company. Friends and families are also big help when it comes to getting the right feedback about a company. Always make an informed choice based on estimates from at least three different movers.

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